Shed Amendment

The Sterling Hills HOA has been trying to amend our HOA covenants to allow homeowners to add standardized sheds to their properties. We need 131 signed, notarized forms (one per property owner). Our treasurer, Dwayne Warden (see our contact page), is a notary and is happy to make appointments to notarize forms at your home. You can download the amendment here:

Shed Amendment Form

See frequently asked questions below, and if you have further questions, please use our contact form.


If I sign the form, and/or if the shed amendment passes, do I have to have a shed?

Absolutely not! The passage of the shed amendment only allows residents the OPTION of having a shed.

Will anyone be able to put up any kind/size/style of shed?

No! The guidelines for sheds are outlined in the amendment. The amendment allows us to standardize the look and upkeep of the sheds and to take action if homeowners fail to meet those standards, just like our homes.

How will allowing sheds affect our property values?

Current trends suggest that having a well-kept, standardized shed (as outlined in the proposed amendment) can improve property values. There are no guarantees, but we believe this will be a good thing for our neighborhood’s property values.

What’s the penalty for putting up a shed if the amendment doesn’t pass?

The HOA board reserves the right to levy fines or place liens on homes that violate the covenants/bylaws.  Board members serve two-year terms, and philosophies can change with the make-up of the board, which is why we recommend that all homeowners and residents adhere to the covenants and bylaws.


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